Zhongshan dongsheng tianshan electric appliance factory
Company Profile

  Zhongshan Dongshan Town Tianshan Electrical Appliance Factory was founded in May 1993. It is an integrated enterprise integrating the design and manufacture of electrical products, design and manufacture of plastic products, and the design and manufacture of metal molds. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of electromagnetic valves. The main products are solenoid valves. : Suitable for all types of drinking fountains, automatic washing machines, sanitary ware, shower rooms, computer sauna steam rooms, electric water heaters and other electronic control of water and steam equipment and other products supporting the use of.

This solenoid valve product passed the CQC national safety certification. The factory has experienced engineering and technical personnel and excellent quality of staff, equipped with a strong production capacity, solenoid valve with an annual output capacity of more than 100 million. Our main production equipment includes CNC digitalized computer numerical control automatic winding machine, industrial frequency withstand voltage tester, daytime insulation impact withstand voltage tester, assembly production line, pressure regulating water source testing table, etc., with excellent equipment and 

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